The whole purpose in hiring a real estate agent is to take advantage of the level of knowledge and expertise that they have in order to net you more for your home.  Joan is a licensed Associate Broker, a distinction which indicates a level of knowledge and experience which spells out profit and protection for you! Joan is in her 21st year of a successful real estate practice working for both buyers and sellers! Add to that, previously,10 years as a paralegal doing hundreds of real estate transactions and other major areas of law and you have 31 years of experience on your side! This is a hallmark of education which few licensed Realtors can boast of.

What makes Joan different and what can she do for me, you may ask?

 Joan Kulikowski does so much more for you than just advertise your home and stick a sign in the yard.  She truly addresses your needs by first listening to you and addressing the needs of your home to successfully market it.  First by providing a free cutting edge Comparative Market Analysis giving you market perspective, then triaging your home and producing Staging Consultation which gives you a game plan for improving your home so it will sell for the highest price.  Joan then assists you in implementing the "Plan" by "Frugally Flipping" your home through locating excellent high quality materials to update your home while staying within the budget agreed to by the seller.  Joan also provides a free "Go To" list of excellent contractors who will give your home a professionally honed appearance!  Prepping your home for market usually takes one to two weeks.   Frugal Flipping doesn't have to cost a lot and it makes a tremendous increase in the sale price because buyers are very visually oriented! On the average, statistics show a staged home sells for 17% more!

After your home is prepped for market, Joan helps you by staging your home from her beautiful 300 item staging inventory. Joan's website team creates, for free, a customized website of your home with over 65 pictures and information about the home which is linked to your listing on the MLS.  Her signage in the front yard gives a number to text to access all this information.

Joan Kulikowski has 31 years of experience in contracts, legal terminology and is a very savvy negotiator!  Joan's paralegal experience is invaluable when handling multiple offers, too!

Selling can be an overwhelming and stressful experience.  The custom attention she gives to you and constant communication from showings and open houses never leave you wondering!

Buyers also benefit from Joan's researching a property before writing an offer, finding out things a buyer would want to know about their next home!  Problem solving is Joan's forte when it comes to helping buyers purchase their dream home and navigate the complexities of financing, too.  If your Realtor doesn't deliver this kind of support... who are you supposed to get it from??  Joan is Rochester's Most Helpful Realtor!  Please click on our three "Staging Tabs" to see some of Joan's amazing transformations through "Frugal Fipping".

Call Joan today!  (585) 330-9905

Joan Kulikowski

#10301201843 Cell: 585-330-9905
769 Coldwater Road ROCHESTER , NY 14624

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When you're buying a home, there's no one more important than the person you choose to represent you. We'll explain the process of buying your new home, guide you through all the ups and downs, and get closed on-time.

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When buying a home, there's none more important than the person you choose to represent you. We'll explain the process of buying your new home, and guide you through all the ups and downs and get closed on-time.

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